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 10/16-10/17 | ATX 

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Sneak Peak of The Tipping Point, Texas

Virtual Event

Join us for a short, virtual sneak peak of The Tipping Point, Texas, and meet some of the speakers you'll see at live event in Austin, TX in 2024!


The Tipping Point, Texas

Austin, TX

Invitations going out shortly! Connecting cannabis entrepreneurs with capital. Limited Sponsorships available!

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Relentless Endeavors is dedicated to the relentless elevation of emerging industries and the intrepid entrepreneurs shaping these markets, as they navigate previously uncharted territory in the pursuit of innovation, transformation and the definition of success. 


Our primary objective is to facilitate meaningful connections that fuel progress and growth. In emerging markets, we understand the landscape is consistently evolving and the need for strategic partnerships is paramount. This is where we step in, serving as a conduit that bridges the gap between industry innovators and forward-thinking, respected investors. 

Through a combination of in-person events and content curated by industry thought leaders, we delve into new markets and bridge the gap found between businesses and capital.


We facilitate the process of aligning cannabis brands seeking their Series A or Series B funding, with investors that are ready to make moves. We're all about propelling this industry forward and we don't say this lightly; we're ready to rollup our sleeves and do whatever it takes. If you're a cannabis brand seeking capital or an investor interested in the cannabis industry, reach out to us and we'll show you what makes us different from any company out there.


Additional details, content and events on the way, be sure to subscribe below to stay in the know!


A team of finance, marketing and business development experts came together with the shared goal to provide not only timely, relevant content and events, but also to bridge the gap between opportunity and capital.

The combination of experience across various verticals, our powerhouse board of advisors and the strategic alliances in play, we're confident we can provide you with a fresh perspective. We believe that complacency is a death sentence, which is why you can expect timely, bias-free, industry specific content and events. We're all about business.

We'd love to connect with you, please feel free to reach out! 

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     The real muscle behind cannabis events and content     

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